You Can Save Many Lives By Taking The Right Steps At Right Time

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We see a number of cases around us where people who fail to deal with depression or a stressful situation in life end up deciding to take their life. Most of the suicide committers commit suicide and give up on life because they think that living is tougher than dying. They think that if they end their lives, their sorrows, sufferings, and pains will also end. Nobody commits suicides without a reason. There is always a reason behind people’s giving up on life and deciding to quit.

Vincent Rager

How they get attracted to suicide?

They think that suicide is the only solution left and there is no other way to end their sufferings. Though it can be difficult to convince a person who has given up on life to try to think positively, you can use a number of techniques to save a life. This article intends to highlight some important ways through which you can help save others’ lives.

Interact with them:

If you feel that a person is contemplating to commit suicide, you should interact with them immediately. Try to talk to them. Do not think that how they would feel if you confront them by directly asking them whether they are thinking to end their lives. Know that during such situations, you should take rapid actions. You do not have time to wait. Each moment is precious. Go to them and start a conversation. Make them feel that you care for them.

Play the role of a good listener:

Let them speak and share. They must have so much to talk about.  They will not be able to vent properly if you do not give them time to share. Assure them that they can trust you with anything so that they start sharing with you without hesitating.

Give them solutions:

When you get to know about the reasons behind their decision of committing suicide; help them find solutions for their problems. Assure them there are always solutions to things and suicide is never an option for us.

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Vincent Rager is a clinical psychologist with more than 10 years of experience. He has previously worked for United States Veterans Initiative and Safe Refuge: Substance Abuse Foundation, SASCA Programs, Long Beach, CA.

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