What Are The Different Kinds Of Depression Affecting People’s Life?

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Depression is a disease which requires treatment. If the patient does not seek treatment within time, the symptoms continue to intensify. It is important to take care of yourself and in case you feel that you have been feeling sad for some time trying to identify what it is. There are many different kinds of depression with different symptoms. This article intends to highlight some of the types of depression.

Vincent Rager

Major depression:

Sometimes people are faced with a type of depression called as major depression. If you feel the same sadness for more than a week, you may be suffering from major depression. The prominent symptoms associated with major depression are losing or gaining weight, feeling sad and drained to the extent you fail to participate in life properly, not being able to sleep properly, feeling small or insignificant, etc. Your doctor will treat you in accordance with your condition.

Persistent depressive disorder:

You are likely to be suffering from persistent depressive disorder if you feel depressed for 2 years or longer than that. Different symptoms are associated with this kind of depression like not being able to eat or eating too much, not being able to take an adequate sleep or sleeping too much, feeling weak, not being able to make decisions, etc.

Bipolar disorder:

A person who is suffering from bipolar disorder experiences two types of extremes. Sometimes they feel extremely good and other times they feel extremely bad. They keep on shifting from one extreme to the other. People who have bipolar disorder are faced with mood swings. Different types of techniques are used for treating this kind of depression. The doctor decides what kind of treatment will be the most appropriate in your case.

Seasonal affective disorder:

This is a disorder which takes place mostly during winters when days are shorter, nights are longer and you get lesser sunlight. This kind of depression usually disappears as the season changes. In the majority of cases, people facing SAD are prescribed some antidepressants that help them feel better.

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