How To Save Lives?

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In most cases, a person who is contemplating suicide does not ask for help. In fact, the person tries to conceal such thoughts as much as possible. People don’t really intend to end their lives; they decide to give up and commit suicide because they basically want to end their sufferings. By identifying the signs in a person who is prone to such situations, you can save a life.

Vincent Rager

If in case you feel that someone around you is planning to end their life, you should go and talk to them right away. Do not stop just because you feel that your questions will make them angry. Even if they get angry, just know that this is the right thing to do in such circumstances. In order to make people understand what you are trying to suggest, talk in a very polite and respectful manner. Show them that they are loved and wanted and that you are concerned about them. Such people are highly sensitive and need to be taken care of.

They feel better when they people around them tell them that they are not unworthy and not good enough. While talking to a person who is suicidal, give them space and time to speak up. Do not rush, stay calm and let them speak. Listen to what they have in mind, how they feel and why they want to end their life. Show empathy and never use mean or unkind words in front of them because they are already going through some really tough mental state.

Never think that a person is not daring enough to end his or her life. You never know what the person has in mind and how depressed and lonely they feel. Once you get some warning, take it seriously and do the best you can do to save a life. Remember that once you save a person, they can rethink committing suicide when they fail to cope with their mental state. So do not think that they will not consider ending their lives because they can. The solution is that you should help them get proper medical help so that they can get treated and live a happy and healthy life with a positive mindset.

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Vincent Rager is a clinical psychologist with more than 10 years of experience. He has previously worked for United States Veterans Initiative and Safe Refuge: Substance Abuse Foundation, SASCA Programs, Long Beach, CA.

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