3 Kinds of Psychological Disorders

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Dr. Vincent Rager

Psychological disorder is an abnormal state of mind that gives rise to a persistent attitude that may affect your daily life activities. There are various kinds of psychological disorders and different people all around the world are suffering from different psychological disorders. A number of studies have been conducted to find out the main cause behind these disorders but unfortunately, the root cause behind these mental disorders is still unknown. Though there might be various contributing factors like hormonal imbalance, bad memories, bad experiences, family history, etc.

Dr. Vincent Rager

The good news is that all kinds of mental disorders are curable. Usually, when a patient consults the doctor, the doctor recommends him getting treatment through:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medicines
  • Exercises

In most cases, doctors also recommend their patients what they should eat throughout the day. People with psychological issues are more likely to have iron, calcium and vitamin deficiencies in their bodies; therefore, the doctor suggests to them what diet plan they should follow.

This article will highlight some of the most important psychological disorders.

Anxiety disorder:

Anxiety disorder is a kind of mental disorder where the patient constantly feels angst. Along with this, the patient experiences abnormal sweating throughout the day and his heartbeat also becomes quite irregular. There are different types of anxiety disorder like panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.

Mood disorder:

If you are in a constant state of sadness and you do not feel happy for long periods, may be suffering from a mood disorder. Some people confuse mood disorder with mood swings. Remember that mood swings are temporary and do not last for a long period. Doctors recommend different types of treatments for people who are experiencing a mood disorder.

Addiction disorder:

Not many people are aware of this disorder. Addiction disorder is a kind of mental abnormality where the patient feels an uncontrollable urge for some drug like smoking, drinking, etc. People who are faced with this kind of disorder are so dependent on the drugs they take that they cannot even image spending a day without consuming them. Different kind of therapies is given to such people so that they can cease to consume drugs and come back to a healthy life again.

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